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    Standard with Any Purchase The brain of a dynamometer system is the software which is responsible for generating the results you and your customers depend on. With database support, step-by-step user friendly dialogs, context sensitive help and auto complete, Dynocom?s Quantum application is both powerful and a pleasure to use. The software can be installed and used with Dynocom's DC-Controller on either a desktop, notebook, or tablet PC. A complete rewrite, Quantum has the new ribbon style interface which makes it the most advanced, user friendly and featured packed dynamometer software on the market. With drag-n-drop, pin & auto-hide panes to maximize screen area, full toolbar customization. Save/restore layout. Multi-language support and full print/print preview support of all views. Brand new fully customizable "gauge view" templates (Silver, Gold, White and Black templates) with controls auto alignment and sizing features. Each control can be customized in appearance, data range, data filtering & data scaling/units. Complete "data view' of all input & computational channels with export to common file formats. Standard atmospheric corrections according to Standard SAE J1349, DIN an d EEC formulas. In the "Graph View" view dynamic split & axis customization with export to BMP, JPEG, EMF, EPS, PNG, SVG, TIFF & WIFF formats. Auto scaling and zoom capabilities. All data can be saved to either a common database or file for future tests and analysis. The database allows searching of archived runs by user defined parameters including maximum HP & torque, customer name, vehicle make/model/year, top speed, reaction time, etc. Customizable printed reports and display screens give users the ability to tailor the look ad feel to suit their individual needs. In addition to third party ECU (SCT, HP Tuners, PRO EFI, AEM, Megasquirt & Haltech) integration there?s also the Quantum software?s new unified logging capability. This allows dyno operators and tuners to compare data in one place. Quantum software allows users to view the data from the ECU alongside the dyno data. The mass of the vehicle, the frontal area of the car, drag coefficient, rolling resistance of the tires. Many of these are a function of speed or speed squared. The computer calculates this and applies load to the eddy-brake to simulate this. The virtual road simulation allows the final tune in to be done on the dyno rather than doing a road test.