All Wheel Drive Dynamometers


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  • $99,995.00

    AWD 15000 GDFX

    The AWD 15,000 series is the world's best built AWD chassis dynamometer in its class at any price. The 15,000 series is capable of supporting speeds up to 240+ MPH and 4400+ HP. The 15,000 series chassis dyno's are also upgradeable for the eddy brake for steady state testing, which can support an additional 850 HP. The 15,000 comes standard with our X Factor Knurling option which provides the highest traction over all other competitors. The optional eddy brake assembly sits directly on the shaft between the two rolls - no need to couple with a belt or universal joint all power is directly transferred from the wheels to the load cell. The rear section is coupled to 8 linked rollers with 36-86 Inch track width Gates Poly Chain? GT3? belts. This AWD system dyno incorporates linkage which insures that the front and rear rollers are always spinning at precisely the same road speed. This process eliminates the possibility of activating a vehicle?s traction control system and also insures that a vehicle?s torque management system is operating under the assumption that the vehicle is not skidding, turning or slipping.
  • $69,995.00

    AWD 5000 GDFX

    ADVANTAGES INCLUDE: Reduced backlash vs belts Very Low Noise Less maintenance Simple installation Higher static and dynamic torque ratings Higher speed than belts. Direct Positive Linkage/Instantaneous response
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  • $79,995.00

    AWD 8000 GDX

    The AWD 7500 series consist of two 7500 Series dynos which incorporates the latest in linear guided technology for precise wheelbase adjustments. Utilizing a pair of precision linear rod assemblies, advanced ball bearing units, a heavy duty pneumatic cylinder and electronic controls the wheelbase adjustment provides for trouble free and precise positioning over our competitors. The 7500 Series dynamometer is capable of supporting speeds up to 225+ MPH and 7500 ft lbs of torque. The maximum axle weight is 6,500 lbs and the track width range is 0"-86". ? Bi-Directional roller for testing of both RWD and FWD vehicles. Gorgeous and functional in stainless steel, automatic wheelbase adjustment included. The 7500 series models all utilize Dynocom's patented taper shaft design - which allows for the highest torque, speed and smoothest operation of any roller in the dynamometer industry.
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    AWD Gearbox Linkage

    Available  for all makes and models; 5000/6000/6500/7500/15,000 etc. Even available for hub/axle dynos. Advantages of gearboxes vs belts:
    1. 4 times higher torque capability
    2. Higher mph/kph
    3. Easy installation
    4. Low maintenance
    5. Very quiet