Standard System Information

Other dynamometer companies offer you features such as wideband A/F, electronics/sensor, optical pickups, inductive pickup, remote handheld, analog inputs & atmospheric sensing unit as expensive upgrade options. Dynocom chassis dynamometer systems include these features STANDARD at one low price. (does not include 5000 or AWD 5000 models)

Dynocom’s chassis dyno’s include a braking system, anchors, tie down restraints, rubber chocks blocks, air brakes with solenoid and installation manual (multi-language available). (does not include 5000 or AWD 5000 models)

All Dynocom units may be installed above ground or in-ground.

DynoCompute software is the most advanced and offers the most features in the industry.

Unlike competitors who use off the shelf data acquisition cards, the DC-Controller is a powerful yet modular stand alone unit that has been custom engineered specially for the automotive industry.

We offer lifetime training standard at no cost to our customers at our facility in Fort Worth, Texas. As well as one year free software/hardware upgrades.

Comparison Chart

Dynocom strives to outperform all of our competitors in all areas. Our goal is to offer the best dynamometer systems at any price… our prices just happens to be the most affordable in the world! Here is a short list of how we stack up against the competition:

DC-Handheld Control

Standard with all our systems is our DC-Handheld which enables you to control and view results without getting in & out of the car.

X Cut Knurl

Dynocom is the only chassis dynamometer company in the world to offer our X Cut Knurl for superior traction. According to Chris Warne from the Corvette Doctor of St. Petersburg, FL, he put a 900 HP corvette on his DC-1800X from a dead stop, during a 1/4 Mile drag test with no tire slippage and no rubber.